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If you're a fledgling A rider and haven't been on a route designed by Hank Schiffman and his pals, this Saturday's ride from Brewster to Sherman, Connecticut, is a golden opportunity to find out for yourself how wonderful they are.

At 75 miles, this is a good introductory route. There will be plenty of short rolling hills, but only one notable climb, half a mile at 8% (right after lunch).

I will be leading the A18s, with Hank and Peter Walker taking charge of the faster groups (listed as A19).

All in all, this should be a sociable day with great weather!

Sat 7/19
A18/19 75 miles 7:49 AM train to Brewster
Leaders: Hank Schiffman ; Peter Walker ; Carol Wood
From: GCT; be there by 7:30 and buy a round trip ticket

Rolling county roads. A different route to Kent over some of the roads the club uses to get to/from Sheffield. Lunch will be at the American Pie Co. in
Sherman, CT, with a climb just after we pay the check. Lots of bailouts en route but they are on the Wassaic/Harlem line so trains run every other
hour. You will need water, money for lunch, a Metro-North bike pass & 2 spare tubes. Please make sure your bike is in serviceable condition and your tires are not just this side of threadbare. If there is any question on the weather check the NYCC message board the night before and or the morning of the ride by 6:30 AM.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Calculations on when we return to GCT

Someone just emailed me on when we will be expected to return to GCT. Here is my math;

The 7:49 AM train gets into Brewster at 9:10 AM. Although we will be riding 18 - 19mph we will probably average 15mph. 75 miles will take 5 hours of riding time. Add 2 hours for breaks and lunch and that would bring us to try to catch the 4:12 PM train at Brewster which would bring us to GCT at 5:38 PM. But mechanicals or longer breaks could slow us down. You might be a stronger rider and have a shot at making this train but to get home earlier you will have to catch an earlier train either in Wingdale - 2:38 PM, Pawling - 2:48 PM or at Patterson - 2:54 PM which will get you into GCT at 4:38 PM. You might forgo lunch to do this. The trains north of Brewster run every other hour.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
optional hilly first leg added to ride

I've added an optional hilly first leg to this route for those who need the challenge. It will be on the cue sheet.

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