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Does anyone know how/from whom to get bike insurance for both travel on airplanes and theft? Thanks!

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Call a travel agent

I got last-minute travel insurance for a trip in February, covering the cost of my plane ticket and luggage (which included a folding bike), to about $1,000. (Could have gotten more coverage for a higher premium.) It was about $54 for an eight-day trip, well worth it given that the planet was on the brink of war. And when my luggage got lost (delayed, actually), I did't panic.

Can't remember the insurer's name but they were in Minnesota or thereabouts. If you call your travel agent, they can recommend someone, or look on the Web.

Renter's/homeowner's insurance does cover the value of your bike, but beware that if you make claims it is bound to affect your policy. I made two claims within a three-year period, for the miniscule amounts of $300-$500, and the agent was so eager to pay that I had no idea I was in for trouble. I later received a sort of warning letter about possible cancellation of my policy as a bad risk, urging me to increase my deductible to $500, which I did. So I would say, tap into your home policy when your Seven is stolen, but when you lose your city bike, chalk it up to experience.

However, I suppose it's possible that your insurer would issue a policy specifically for your bike.

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sean kelliher (not verified)

a suggestion might be to get a renter's insurance policy (if you rent).

generally, this will cover items (including bicycles) whether they're at home or away from it.

State Farm is one place to check.

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