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If I remember correctly, Spencer once told me that George Hincapie was once a member of the NYCC while he was living in Queens. Can anybody out there verify or refute this?

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Tim Casey (not verified)
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George and his brother raced with Kissena. You might see him doing the Triangle club rides from Little Neck along the LIE Service road during the off-season.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)

"George was never a member of our club. However, his father and racing brother, Ricardo, were at a club meeting in c. 1991. A club member insists George came and spoke as well. My gauzy recollection is he was out of town. That same evening, Alan Grieco, an Olympic cyclist from the early '60s and the father of national track champion (and present day commentator) Jessica Grieco spoke. Maybe it was Jessica who didn't show and George did. The topic of the evening: How to raise a champion cyclist.

Former club member Michael Toomey took pictures of George near the Hincapie home in Farmingdale, L.I., for Winning magazine when George was c. 18 while another NYCC member drove George's jeep with Michael hanging off the back photographing George who was inches off the rear bumper, doing corners at 30 MPH.

Driver: ""You OK?""
Toomey: ""Yeah.""
Driver: ""I wasn't asking you.""


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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Proof, for me, Geo. Hincapie did NOT speak at a club meeting.

He who is the club's pillar and institutional memory tells me George Hincapie did NOT come to the meeting at which his father and brother did. I accept his recollection as definitive.


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