A great guy!

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Does anyone have the name and address of the funeral home that is waking John Bermudez?

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
think I might know John B.

"Hi Tim,

two instances, nearly 8 years ago:

a) John had a young daughter, about 5 years old (?) whom he brought on a NYCC/5BBC ""beach bum"" ride to Neponsit. He attached a half-bike to his own so his child can pedal behind him. Daughter today is probably high school age. I remember him walking her to wade on the beach.

b) John wrote an article in the NYCC bulletin, about loving the A SIG (there only the classic then) and looking forward to taking it each year.

Tim, if this is true, then this is John. My condolences to his family.

[email protected]

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Tim Andon (not verified)

John Bermudez is being waked today and only today (thursday July 10th) at Frank E Campbell 81st and Madison
Hours are 2 to 5 pm and 7 to 9...........

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Tim Andon (not verified)
John Bermudez

To Alfredo, yes, very true, that was John. I stopped by to pay my respects this afternoon, and met his family, your right about his daughter, she is a teenager, very nice, and very pretty. His son has John's Litespeed, and is asking biking questions, looks like another Bermudez might be joining our club in the future. Thanks for the nice thoughts.

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Keith (not verified)
I'm shocked

I met John when I was a SIG classic leader years ago. A really great guy.......

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