Riding to New Paltz, NY-partners wanted

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Riding one way to New Paltz NY, from Brooklyn this Sunday July 13th. Leaving around 6:30 am. Looking for riding partner(s) for either the entire ride or part way. Will be riding 9W to route 32. Hoping for an A-19 pace. Could go faster or slower if needed.

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Kurt (not verified)

How unfortunately ironic. I was planning to go to Rosendale (just north of New Paltz) this Friday. Of course, that fell through when I realized I have a day job.. I will be making that ride sometime this season. Let me know how it goes!

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Steven Marks (not verified)

Isn't 32 a bit dangerous to ride? High speed autos, lots of turns and no real shoulders.

I have always thought of riding to New Paltz but this weekend is out.

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Jonathan Bloom (not verified)

There is one section of 9W near Cornwall for a few miles that is a lacks a good shoulder but 32 is not bad at all.

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