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What's the most direct route to Tarrytown? Thanks.

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Jay (not verified)
Rte to Tarry

Take Broadway right up, leaving Manhattan..It's Rte 9, Go past Baker (Columbia's) field & over bridge, continue.
You can go thru Yonkers on parallel road to the West (along Hudson (Warburton) more scenic, less traffic, but as long as u stay between the river and 9 , you are going on a very direct route.

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cat (not verified)

It's actually a very enjoyable ride. You should be aware (esp if you are a girl) that parts of Yonkers are a bit sketchy and one time riding alone in a tank top i got quite a lot of negative attention. It depends on the time of day and other things, but ride with a friend if you are at all concerned by this (and after a few miles the demographic becomes resolutely middle-class). The lovely peeks of the Hudson you get to the right are well-worth the trip.

go up Broadway over the bridge,
l on 230
R on Riverdale Ave, becomes Warburton, stay on this for 7.5 miles
l on Rte 9(N Broadway) for 1.5 miles
l to remain on rte 9,
4.5 miles to Tarrytown.

then it just gets more gorgeous from there. . . .

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