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Can anyone recommend a reliable, full service (sales, maintenance, moral support!) bike shop in NYC near the George Washington Bridge?


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cat (not verified)
Strictly Cycles

Excellent bike shop in every way that you mention, at 507 Main St in Ft. Lee. Left on Hudson Terrace, bear right after the light, and turn right on Main St rather than left down to River Road. Go about a mile, being very careful of the traffic (NJ traffic is a different beast from NY traffic). Strictly is on the right.

Even if you live on the NY side of the GWB, this place is well worth the detour.

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Alfredo (not verified)
bike shops in GWB area


Manhattan side:
Although they're more ATB/BMX/hybrid: Victor's Bike Repair on 174th & Broadway and Manny's on Bennett & 181st. Both are listed in the 2003 NYC Bike Map.

Jersey Side:
The bike shop (that Jay mentioned) going down Palisade Ave. along the traffic circle, is Bike Masters, run by Koreans (their sign is both English & Korean.) They sell road & AT bikes, offer repairs, accessories and service. I believe they offer TA discounts, like Strictly Bikes. They also have cell phones for sale. Leading a ride, I once brought a group there for a compression stop. The shop kindly lend us their rest room and allowed us to fill our water bottles.

If you head south, left off the bridge and brave busy steep downhill traffic for about 3 miles, You'll find Bikes By Jake., between Rt. 505 (Hudson Terr.) and Rt. 5. It is a full service shop.

If you head to Tenafly, both Bicycle Workshop and Piermont Connections are full service esp. for roadies.

Hope this helps,

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Jay (not verified)
bike shops in Englewood & Tenafly

"There is a bike shop in Englewood--Go down Palisades Ave thru town, pass Starbucks & McD and at the circle, voila!

I have no experience with them

NYCC members and I have had positive exeriences with both Tenafly shops...a branch of the Piermont Bike Connection is opposite the old train station one or two doors down the st. perpendicular to County Rd and the tracks. The mgr, Jason is capable+

The other shop is north of downtown Tenafly on County Rd--they usually have a ""penny farthing"" (an antique bike with very large front wheel) in front I think that the mgr is Dave--they cooperated with our Escape from NY Century etc.

Jay J"

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Ny'er (not verified)
NY shops

I also live on the NY side of the GW bridge and would love to hear thoughts on good stores in that area.


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