"A" ride half-way to West Point Friday.

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  • "A" ride half-way to West Point Friday.
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richard rosenthal (not verified)
"""A"" ride half-way with those going to West Point. Sleep at ho

"If you want to be part of a caboose on the train headed to West Point (Arden House) Friday, but end up in your own bed, show up at 8AM at Fifth Ave. and 72nd Street where the milling throngs will separate into separate riding groups.

I'm riding c. half-way (approx. 30 miles) with one of the ""A"" trains...and sleeping at home. (This is a ride listed in the printed, but, as yet, unreceived/unposted July Bulletin.)

In fact, call or e- me first so we know to expect and look for one another. I'll be in a club jersey.

Richard Rosenthal
(212) 371-4700


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Michael Sopher (not verified)
Halfway to West Point

Is about New City..

I'm planning to ride there that day at a real A-18/19...

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