Sat 28 June A 18/19 post accident update - Catherine Townsend

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"We just received the following from Chris Townsend, updating us of Catherine's progress:

Dear All,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Catherine. First, thank you so much for all of your calls and emails letting us know that you're thinking of us. It's really meant a lot. It's been really good for Catherine to hear so many messages of support.

Melissa's email lists most of her injuries. There are a few other smaller things, but the major injury was her back. She was in surgery for four hours yesterday and I'm very relieved to say that she's okay. They placed two 10"" rods along her spine to help stabilize the fractured vertebrae. The doctors were very happy about how well everything went.

While still a little groggy, she was awake and talking last night. Today they're hoping to start getting her out of bed and moving her and, by early next week, move her to a rehabilitation clinic for a couple of weeks to get her moving again. The doctors feel that she'll be able to have an almost 100% recovery over time.

Again, thanks for all of your support. Look forward to seeing and riding with all of you again soon.


ps Whoever sent flowers, thanks (the nurses snuck them into ICU for Cath)

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Tim Casey (not verified)
Very good news.

I'm sure I speak for many in the club in wishing Catherine a speedy recovery.
This had been a very unlucky weekend of riding all around. It serves as a reminder that accidents will happen and the best we can do is stay prepared to avoid the worst of them.

Best wishes,


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Jonathan Bloom (not verified)
Message from fellow A Classic Sig graduate

Thank you Anthony for posting this and also thank you Chris for sending us all the update. I've been checking my e-mail and looking for posts on the board hoping to get more news about Catherine. I was very encouraged to read that she will be up and about before too long. Thanks again and get well soon Catherine we all miss you and are thoughts are with you. Jonathan.

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Basil (not verified)
ditto.......from a 99 grad

"As a fellow NYCC member and one of Anthony's group on Saturday, I just wanted to add my words of support and best wishes for a full recovery to Catherine. I look forward to meeting you on your bike when this painful experience is in the past.
Our thoughts are with you - as they are with the other ""less seriously"" injured riders of the past weekend.


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