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Does anyone know of a public place (bar/restaurant/whatever) to view the Tour de France? (for those of us poor souls who do not get OLN)

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Michael Sopher (not verified)

I doubt many bars will dedicate any TVs to the tour, Blondies on 79th Bdway/Amst is a possibility
as they sponsor some cyclists

I am am fortunate enough to have OLN, a wide screen TV and a reasonable space to have a few club members over to the UWS to watch a few stages.

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Bill (not verified)
an option in the village

Last year I treked down to the Riviera Cafe (W 4th and 7th ave South- West side of the street). Like most sports bars, they have a number of TV's. The bartender was happy to put on the Tour. I did not, however, go there on a Friday or Saturday night. It might be a little more difficult (i.e. crowded) to watch Lance and the boys. If you go with a few people you can probably get a table with your own TV (so you can hear Phil L. in all his glory).
The burgers weren't too bad either.

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Doug (not verified)
Nevada Smith's

Primarily a soccer bar, and they have many TVs tuned into European channels. They may have some live feeds for the Tour. 3rd and 11th. Call to make sure - 212-982-2591

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John Z (not verified)
July 13th Gathering and Ride

On Sunday, July 13th, 8:30 PM we will be meeting at the 66 Water Street Bar in DUMBO to view the Alpe d'Huez stage. At 8:00 AM in the morning, we are also holding a hilly ride ending at Bear Mountain to celebrate this year's epic stage. We will take a train from Garrison back to the city, and all those participating in the ride will have ample time to make their way to Brooklyn.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
"""Viewing"" the tour"

"Tidbits, history, info, funny stories, tragic stories and much more:,,2841,00.html

(No OLN? - ""live"" updates every few minutes, every day. No work gets done at all during the mornings while ""watching."")"

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