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Has anyone had any luck with custom footbeds for bike shoes to correct pronation/knee alignment problems? Can you suggest a podiatrist in NYC that has experience making footbeds for bike shoes?

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

"I had orthotic made at my chiropractor's office. They were not cycling specific, but I use them in my cycling shoes and like them. I think the term for them is ""rear posted"", which means that they go from the heel to about the ball of the foot. The heel cup and arch area are rigid and it tapers off ot a flexible insole at the front. I suppose cycling specific orthotics are ""front posted"", which are rigid up front and taper off at the back.

At the bike show I saw something interesting: Scandinavian Ski Shop has a system where they take pre-made semi-rigid insoles, heat them and then vacuum-form them to your feet. They are full length insoles and so can't shift around as regular orthotics can. I did not touch them, but they did not look as rigid as conventional orthotics. I think they cost around $45."

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Russ Berman (not verified)
Peterson Power Beds

When I posted a similar message a couple of months ago, Rich Ramon recommended Peterson Power Beds, available at www.coloradocyclist.com. They took a ride or two to get used to but now I wouldn't leave home without them. Potential problem with any of these devices is that bike shoes (especially Sidis) are sized for fairly thin insoles and almost any orthotic device will use up more than the available space unless your shoes are loose to begin with.

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Patricia Perlo (not verified)

I have done 4 marathons and needed custom orthotics. The MD you use really comes in SECOND. It is the LAB that makes the orthotic that has to be first rate. Until I found the right lab I went through hell.

Right now I'm doing my running and bike rides with something called SuperFeet - they are around $40 and available at Paragon Sporting Goods.

You are much much better off with a commercially available product. Good luck


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