My First Segway

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The other day, I saw my first Segway on a Manhattan sidewalk -- 52 and Second, heading north. No doudt the well-dressed old chap was heading to a UES destination. Well, if you dislike bladers and cyclists on sidewalks, you are going really loathe these monsters.

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Rodolfo (not verified)

I've seen two... One on 6th Ave. and 16th St. and the other in the Hudson River path... They look like fun...

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Doug (not verified)
Silliest things ever

Saw an older couple in CP on them about two weeks ago at night. Silliest things ever.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
NYPD please ticket a Segway

I'd like to offer a cash reward, or a homemade apple pie, to the first NYPD police officer to issue a ticket, of any description, to a Segway user, for whatever offence, no matter how trivial, even if it's just for being in posession of a ridiculous contraption.

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Peter Kouletsis (banana guy) (not verified)
NYP Please also...

lock up the Central Park motor scooter riders
tow all cars parked in bike lanes
and open fire on any motorist talking into a hand-held cellphone whilr 'driving'

oh, and world peace!

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george (not verified)

Is there any law against talking on a mobile whilst riding a bike?

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
Saw 2 in 1 minute

I saw a woman on a segway going up 6th Ave, near 54th, in the street. She was wearing a helmet and was operating as a vehicle. No problem.

A few seconds later I was buzzed by some 20/30 something guy zipping down the sidewalk, zigging and zagging around us peds. He wore no helmet as his tie fluttered in the breeze. Hope he lands on his head and gets a nice flat spot before he cream some old geezer.

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