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Hi all,

Does anybody know of a good shop to rent a reasonably high-end bike? I have a friend coming to town who'd like to do the 4th of July ride but who needs some wheels. Obviously, something that would get her there and back (potentially on an A ride) without falling to pieces would be good. A place that would do a decent bike fit for her as well would be even better.


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Evan Marks (not verified) (nm)
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Peter Hochstein (not verified)
bike rental possibillity

I've often wondered the same thing. I've had this (untested) thought:

There used to be an outfit called Brooks Country Cyclers which maintained a fleet of triple-cranked road bikes for their day tours and longer tours. I don't know whether they're still in business (they used to be on West 83rd Street) and whether they'd rent a bike to non-tour buyers. But why not? It's revenue they wouldn't get any other way. You might want to check if they're still in business, and if they are, give them a call. (If this works, please post the news here. I for one would be interested in knowing.)

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Michael Casey (not verified)
see this thread
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Jeff Robins (not verified)

Thanks for the leads!

Since one of you asked for it, Brooks Country Cycling is still in business and they will rent least when they feel like it. Its a smallish business that keeps irregular hours (which apparently exclude most of this summer). They have a web site at, creatively enough,

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