anyone else allergic to the water in central park?!

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  • anyone else allergic to the water in central park?!
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Am I alone or does anyone else have their throat itch or feel like it's closing up after drinking out of any of the fountains? I never made the connection to the water but this has been happening for at least a year or two during some of my rides in the park.

I always thought it was just regular allergies. But lately I've realized it was the water when after riding in the park after several hours, drinking my own water till it ran out, and being fine. Then after a drink from a fountain I had this strange reaction in my throat in about 5 minutes. It's not that bad - I've still been able to ride or run home. But it is weird. My girlfriend had the same thing happen to her the other day. I think it's happened to me in riverside park too. Weird.

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John Bundy (not verified)
CP drinking fountain

LET ME PREFACE THIS BY SAYING I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HOMELESS PEOPLE OR PET OWNERS! I don't want to unleash a storm of angry bulletin board replies . . . But I am amazed, if not shocked by what some people consider acceptable behavior. That said, I can't believe anyone would ever drink out of a Central Park drinking fountain. We're talking about people (homeless and otherwise) who use these fountains like they were wash basins - using them to wash their faces and assorted body parts. Trust me, I've seen it happen. Additionally, you have people who let their pets drink out of these things. God only knows what germs and bacteria these fountains contain. Do yourself a favor: carry a CamelBack or similar water carrier OR buy bottled water from a vendor.

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Bill (not verified)

Sorry but that's a whole different thing. I'm not particularly paranoid about homeless people or dogs drinking from a fountain. I don't love the idea but that's life. Do you fret about the fish and animals that cr*p in the upstate reserviors?! That's friggin life!

Drink your purified water and imagine that the vendors are actually giving you poland spring in those bottles and not refilling empties found in the garbage!

I'm talkin alergies. I don't think my throat's closing up due to homeless ass. Then again who the hell knows.

Given my preference, I drink water from home which happens to be filtered.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Try sending a sample for analysis

Try bottling a sample and send it off for analysis, if it's not too expensive. You will need to use an ultra clean or sterile bottle to get an accurate result. If there's a health issue, the CP Conservancy should know about it and you should reclaim the cost of the analysis from them.

I've never actually experienced the problem myself and have refilled bottles on several occasions in the park after running out of my tap water-filled bottles from home. And I've seen several cyclists do the same.

Personally, I'm reluctant to carry a Camelback, as I find them uncomfortable, especially in heat and humidity. I'd rather ride the three blocks home and refill my water bottles there if there is a health issue with the water in CP. And I certainly don't want to pay $2 for a bottle Poland Spring from the rip-off vendors in the park.

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Bill (not verified)

woops, sorry for the harsh reply - apparently last night I was having a reaction to something else I drank. 7 Tequilas :-)

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Chris Taeger (not verified)
Water Supply

Bill, I can't explain your reaction.
1. I have been drinking NYC water from various sources all my life. Haven't gotten sick once yet.

2. Yesterday, while adjusting my saddle at the Engineer's gate (90th & 5th Ave) CP entrance, I asked ten people if they had have any issues with the water fountain. No one did, indeed they shared my experience

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Bill (not verified)

Thanks for the reply. I've lived here all my life too & I've never had a problem with the regular tap water. I've been drinking the water in the parks for years too. I'm carrying more water when I ride now but lately I've been running a lot and rely on the fountains. Interesting that no one else has noticed this problem so maybe it's just me.

I have only slight seasonal allergies and am pretty healthy in general. But my reaction's obviously from something in the water. It happens a few minutes after drinking. It's not that bad a reaction. I'm still able to finish my run. But it's pretty weird.

Thanks for polling your friends for me :-)

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