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I was out for a very early spin today... was on River Road at about 7:00 when I happened on a young deer. He was sort of stuck on the road as there were cliffs on both sides so I followed him at about a 15 foot distance for over a mile until I got dropped on the hill.

An early start can really pay off (and I was back from Piermont by 10... before it got hot)

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Bear Spotted ... not on River Road

Last year, while scouting the 300K NJ brevet, I spotted a black bear ... he was hurrying back into the woods after rummaging through someone's garbage. I had heard of bears in this area (Warren County - just east of Jenny Jump State Forest) but I hadn't seen one until last year. I was glad to be in my car ... especially since I was alone.

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Jim (not verified)
Deer on Palisade Ave.

My wife and I spotted a young deer about two weeks ago in the Royal Cliffs diner parking lot, on the corner of Palisade Ave and 9w in Englewood Cliffs. The poor thing was dying for a good cup of coffee.

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Peter Hochstein (not verified)

While we're at it, we have raccoons in Central Park again -- unless the animal control unit has caught up to them and had them either deported or summarily executed. Best time to spot 'em is at or shortly after dusk, at the north end of the park. Quiet nights are best. For some reason, they don't like crowds.

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Chris T (not verified)
The Racoon...He's Baaaaack!

While viewing the xmas lights in Manhattan, I went into Central Park by the Engineers gate. A nice fat racoon exited the resevior running track.

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Alfredo (not verified)
branta canadensis maxima

"If you think that's a mouthful, it could be. Today's Wall St. Journal has a story about Canadian Geese. The feds want to spend $ to cull them if they don't migrate by Fall, which by nature they're supposed to do. In fact, more geese are staying in the East. One town, Kent, NY has exterminated some to be served up as ""church pantry"" food, against the wishes of animal rights advocates.

I've seen them collectively when I ride in places like Demarest Duck Pond and bits of the Hudson River Greenway. And they seem to be smart enough to avoid being road kill in places like Central Park or River Rd.

Don't mess with Canadian Geese. The flapping wings of an adult can break bones."

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
South of River Rd

Yesterday morning in Liberty State Park I came across a big snapper turtle in the middle of the road. It appeared to be out catching some rays before finally heading back to the marsh.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
snapping turtle

How'd you know it was a snapper?

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
How'd you know it was a snapper?

From past experience and was confirmed by the park's naturalist I summoned whom along with a State Ranger carefully escorted the snapper off the road. The naturalist knew the turtle type and was quite precise guessing its location. This was all prior to conveying such information to her. I reckon it's a common occurance.

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Cat6 Yogi (not verified)
RiverRoad Reptiles

I was riding few summers ago on RR, where I came upon a black snake just north of the waterfall. It was about 3 feet long and crossing the road from west to East. It looked like a mtb tube from a distance. I rode pass giving the snake wide girth as it looked formidable and I didn’t want to get a snakebite flat.

Why did the snake cross River Road?

-because it wanted chicken?
-because it was chicken?
-because it tastes like chicken?

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John Z (not verified)
More Wildlife

I've seen wild turkey, racoons and ground hogs along River Road. A little bit out of bounds, but I did see a Red Fox half-way up Whiteface Mountain when I was training up there 3 weekends ago.

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Chris Taeger (not verified)

1. On my first ascent of Whiteface mountain two years ago (on a hybrid) I saw Three red foxes on the descent.

2. I have seen black snakes on river road, on the Alpine loop.

3. Deer on River Road to me is not that wild -- i.e deer are quite commonplace.

4. Similarly, wildlife should not include the Canadian Gesse; in this area have become so numerous as to become a health hazard to water bodies & supplys.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Another reason to ride the RIver Road

I was out cycling the River Road this afternoon/evening. Yes I saw a ground hog but, more important was the temperature. On the way out, about 4:30, my Polar S 710 reported the temperature to be 102 on the GW Bridge. I don't doubt it. The reading did not change in the shade but the unit might reset slowly. When I got onto the River Road the temperature descended to 85 degrees. It fluctuated slightly throughout the ride to the police station and back. It actually felt cool riding. And downdrafts of cooler air appeared at times. When I got back to the bridge the temperature was 96. And it stayed in the 90's till I got home, dropping to the low 90s on the West Side Bike Path as the winds were out of the west. A few hours in the country on RR was well worth the effort of getting there. And I passed perhaps less than 10 cars the whole time.

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