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Hello All,

Was suggested to me that i post here. I am leaving next week for a 2 week ride from Savannah GA to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and am looking for advice from others. Good places or things to see? Particular spots that might be worth trying to reach in time for a nice 4th of July? Availablity or restrictions on camping? Where I catch the ferry, or the ferry schedule, out to Ocracoke? The Piney Green swamp/marsh: looks like there's a little road, Rt. 172, that goes through it. Anybody know anything about this road, or that area? Better to go around rather than through, for any reason? Can anybody suggest the best way to enter Wilmington via bicycle? Don't want to end up shouldering it in off some interstate, if I can help it!

Would take any kind of advice you have, but am especially interested in Things Worth Seeing, Availability Or Restrictions On Camping (can i just pull over to the side somewhere, or lay out a bedroll on the beach, and sleep?), good sites for maps, paths or trails, and any other good cycling resources for the area that you may know about (maps or addresses of shops? etc).

thanks a million,

Nevin Patton

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Pay attention to the marine forecast

It can get seriously windy there - it didn't become a windsurfing haven by accident. Summer winds aren't generally as strong or as frequent as during the other seasons but that's little consolation if you're fighting a 20 knot headwind.

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Mary (not verified)

The people who run Carolina Tailwinds may be able to help even though you're doing this trip independently. They are very nice and were accommodating when I phoned them on something recently.


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