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"On Friday the Times ran an article about Federal style architecture in Lower Manhattan, complete with map.

I am inclined to take advantage of the relative calm of early Sunday mornings in Manhattan to tour the sites by bike.

Start time around 8:30am; I have to be back in Midtown no later than 10:30. Probable start from the arch in Washington Square Park. Light rain we go; heavy rain, forget it. This tour is more about gawking than riding.

E-mail me if interested and I will confirm starting time etc.

See the article at
The map isn't included online, but a nifty ""interactive tour"" is.

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Patty (not verified)
architectural ride

This sounds like fun. I'd love to bring my camera. But tomorrow doesn't sound good. Please be in touch

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Carol Wood (not verified)
8:30 at the arch

It's 7:30 am and not raining, so I'm going! I'll be at the Washington Square Arch at 8:30, departing by 8:45 sharp.

It will probably rain en route, so bring a rain jacket. If there's a downpour, you can always jump on the subway.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Follow up

I went, and it poured. But somehow I survived--and had a nice time as well.

(Yes, Evan, the skies were clear by the time I got home!)

I plan to do more such impromptu urban exploring on bad weather weekends, which are apparently unlimited. Anyone else who's interested, please contact me.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
LOL! (nm)
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John Z (not verified)
I had the Same Idea


I love Federal architecture and had the same idea for a ride, but I woould rather do it in the late afternoon-early evening, so we can get a glass of wine as well.

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Carol Wood (not verified)


You have an excellent mind. Name the time!

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Patty (not verified)
Federal Architecture evening

JEEZ This sounds just wonderful I would just love it.


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