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I just bought a bike and joined the club. I want to start training to eventually ride in centuries. This is all new to me and I need a training guide. Anyone have any suggestions on good resources (books, mags....). Also, is the park the primary place to train? It seems like it would be limiting with only one major hill?

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

"Go to They had a free e-book you could download called ""29 Pro Cycling Secrets for Roadies"" that I got a few months back.

The lack of hills should not be a limiting factor, (people in the mid-west still manage to train), but the over abundance of other park users may be a problem unless you train very early.

The great thing about a bike is you can use your gears to adjust the workload. No hills? Try sprints.

If you're in lower Manhattan, you could cross over to Brooklyn and try Prospect Park. It has fewer people using it and is rideable even later in the day, unless they're having a special event.

If you're in upper Manhattan, you can cross the GWB and do River Road. You'll find some hills there.

The other limiting factor is the weather we've been having. My solution is to hit the gym."

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Lisa Zucker (not verified)

thank you so much for the info....the gym? thats the reason i got the bike, to get out of it.

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