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I recently purchased several Michelin ultralight tubes which come with non-threaded stems. When I tried to pump one up with my floor pump, the pumphead blew off the stem when the pressure reached 80psi. Is this common for non-threaded stems? Do I really need to keep one hand on the pumphead and one on the handle to pump the tube to 120psi or as I resorted to this morning, have someone else hold the head in place while pumping? Seems a bit inconvenient.

- Tom

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Pumphead needs a new gasket

50 cents, as per someone's snide remark recently, (never mind the hassle of locating it and installing it).

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Steve W (not verified)
Pumps and Tubes


I have been having the opposite problem. I have a mix of threaded and non-threaded valves. My floor pump locks cleanly onto the non-threaded stems but is recalcitrant on the threaded. I have to play with the lock mech on the pump head to ensure a good connection. Not much help for your issue.


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