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My son and I are flying into La Guardia on July 25 to start out our cross country bike ride.
Neither one of us has ever been to New York, and we would appreciate some help getting around the city, what streets to take,what to see,where not to go etc..
We are coming from So. California, my son just graduated from high school and we will be spending 11 weeks riding back home.
Tim and Owen Caldwell

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June (not verified)
NY bound

Dear Tim & son,
I give you both a lot of credit , but it sounds like it will be a fantastic experience. If you need any information , I will try to do my best to help. Have a great time, and NY is not as daunting as people think!


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Evan Marks (not verified)
A journey of a thousand miles...

...begins with getting out of the airport.

LGA to Queensboro Bridge:

Looks like has plenty of helpful info (including a route from LGA to the Triboro Bridge - amazing view but a very sketchy ride). Take a look at too.

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