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A friend's looking for a mountain bike. She'd probably need a small sized frame.

Are there places in the city that specialize in selling used bikes? I remember walking past a place in the lower east side but not sure where. And I've heard theres a place in Williamsburg too.

She's looking for a bargain I think.

Any suggestions?


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Evan Marks (not verified)
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RJ (not verified)

"The place in the East Village must be ""Bikes By George"" (413 E 12th St). The best time to go is Saturday morning, if I remember correctly.


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Fred (not verified)
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Emmy's Bicycles on 17th Street between 3rd and Irving Place sells used bikes and some low-priced new bikes. Not where you'd go for the latest, greatest and fanciest gear, but he's honest and fairly priced -- perfect for finding something used. (He'll make sure it's properly serviced and tuned before you leave the shop.) Emmy's quite a character, and the shop itself is a throw-back to a lower-paced, low-key New York.

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Kickstand (not verified)
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Heidi (not verified)
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How tall is your friend? I have a Gary Fisher mountain bike that I'm considering selling

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