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Oakridge is off NJ 23 and northwest of Wayne/Paterson
1) What is route from GW Bridge?
2) or should I PATH to Newark and do 506 to 23?
3) or open to any suggestions.

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
some help, but not much

Heading west, south of the GWB I would imagine is very traffic congested riding by bicycle. I'm not sure how you would approach your destination without hitting some sketchy sections such as highways crossing the Passiac River, Morris canals or fast moving/no shoulder local roads.

My guess and best bet is heading north of the GWB would be better (Rte 501 ->Rte 505 ->Ridgewood/Oradell Ave -> Rte 502). Heading this way, you need to find a way around the Ramapo mountains to get to Oakridge. Perhaps there is an approach through Greenwood Lake/Ringwood S.P. area in Oakland, NJ or you need to head up towards Warwick (Skyline Dr -> Rte 17 A North) and come back down. There's only a few roads in that area, but if you find one that's direct, it'll be one nice ride.
Good luck.

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Megan Smith (not verified)
NJ routes

You could try New Jersey transit trains to get you out to the Wayne / Paterson area and avoid the more traffic-congested roads. Take the PATH from 33rd Street to Hoboken and there get the Main Line and Bergen County line train, I believe. You could check NJTransit. com for the full map of the system to plan the trip. If it's a weekend or off-peak hour train you should have no problem in taking your bike on the train, relevant rules are on the website as well.

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