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For those who've blown $200 on a pair of bib shorts: Are they twice as good as those that cost half as much?

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Sweetcheeks (not verified)

Not to me, anyway...

Been there, done that 15+ years ago. Bought high-end shorts (about $80 then) and my ass couldn't tell the difference between those and the $20 shorts. And they certainly didn't last any longer, either. But, as they say, YMMV.

Can't imagine how anyone could spend 200 bucks on a few ounces of lycra and foam and think they're getting their money's worth. But, that's Fashion for ya!

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frank (not verified)

buy them in europe; they cost less. are they as good? that's very much a question of personal taste. i happen to like the old assos, not necessarily the new f-1's. the castelli chamois is also great. better than the pearl izumi by quite a stretch. however, i should qualify my comments by pointing out that i bought stuff when the exchange rates were such that the discount to US prices (before the recent price increases) was approximately 30 to 40%. At those levels, i would submit, the prices were reasonable.

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