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Travelling with 2 roadbikes in hardshell cases (bikes on flight until rental car picked up at destination; then must drive several hours to final destination); assuming no short-term storage at airport of bike cases (in which case we unpack bikes and load into trunk/back seat), anyone ever rent a car known to hold 2 loaded bike cases? Rental sites offer Dodge Caravan, othre full-size, SUVs, etc. but all have policies about no seat removal,and offroad makes often have rollbars or other obstructions that don't allow large object storage--what to do? (Except pine for the days of my parents' '73 Pontiac Safari wagon with disappearing tailgate/window).
Would shipping by UPS be best?

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Michael Casey (not verified)

A midsize or larger car with a backseat that folds down should do it, though you won't have room for much else and of course can fit only one passenger.

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Ship it

You can ship a bike anywhere in the USA for $100 or less in a hardcase using FEDEX 3 day business saver. (last year's price).
Call them and they will it pick up at a hotel/motel/etc.
I roll it in locally but they might pick up in NYC w/o charge. And rent a smaller car to cut the cost.
It's easier if you have an account.

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