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I don’t know who/whom (I assume it was the usual suspects) to thank for arranging the lunch yesterday at the dam on the successful all class ride. So I’ll just put it out there - Thanks! It was appreciated.

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John (not verified)
Thanks to the Ride Leaders

Less not forgets to also thank the many volunteers who help lead the rides to make this a successful event.

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Herb (not verified)

Agree with both comments.

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barbara (not verified)

yes, great day. Thanks to everyone for their efforts!

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)
More thanks

"I know that Eva did a lot of work putting the all class club ride luncheon together. Thank you Eva. I also know Eileen was bopping around like crazy to make it all happen as well. Thank you Eileen. And Liane Montessa, I know it wouldn't have been nearly as good a day if Liane didn't pitch in. Thank you Liane.

Makes me think . . . . . didn't Liane also organize the big dinner gala in the Berkshires? That was the first time in a long time we were able to have good food in a comfortable place. Liane made that happen. I think Liane is on the way to ""Volunteer of the Year"".

It was a great day, 'cept for one thing. That Tim McCarthy. He was leading the advertised A 28 ride. My speedometer didn't get below A-30 the whole 50 miles to the picnic. That Tim, I wish he would lead at the advertised 28 mph pace. Seriously, it was a great ride. Thanks Tim for just pitching in late in the planning to volunteer to lead. Great ride!"

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Evan Marks (not verified)

...6ft heroes served by 5ft heroes ;^/

I want to add my thanks too, and mention behind-the-scenes help as well: Robert Gray for the ride library and Carol Waaser for the route.

Now about that semi-aquatic bike path...

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Liane (not verified)

Thanks to Jack Lehnert and his A20 group, Stan Oldak, Debbie Bennett and the C group. We didn't expect the overwhelming turnout and ran out of food. These guys, tired and hungry as they were, volunteered to ride (uphill!) to the deli, and pick up more food. Thanks for everyone's patience and cooperation. And thanks to the cleanup crew too.

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