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Sorry. I couldn't resist. At the moment, rain is predicted throughout the region of the ride beginning at about 4pm. This wouldn't be a problem on most rides. But on this one, there will likely be at least 3 hours of riding left by 4pm. I don't want to turn the ride into a road race, or ride in the rain for 3 hours. So, at the moment, it is likely that the ride will be postponed, tentatively to June 21st.
But stay tuned. The leaders are attempting to assemble a good substitute ride for tomorrow - same pace, different length, and closer to bailouts (the Hunter ride has NO bailouts). It is uncertain at the present whether we will start in the park, or possibly catch the same train, but get off around Peekskill instead of Poughkeepsie. There is also a possibility of a ride on the East side of the Hudson. Whatever the decision, I will try and get it posted by between 8 and 9 this evening.
BTW - thus far, the weather gurus have moved the inception time for the precip from about noon to about 4pm. If they push it back closer to 8pm, Hunter will be a go. Regardless, whatever ride we do will be starting either at 8am in the park, or on the 7:53 out of GCT.
Sorry for making the decision such a last minute exercise. The weather is making it a difficult call.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Poughkeepsie-Hunter Loop postponed - F. Steinberg route instead

Sadly, the weather gods do not appear to be on our side for tomorrow. I am postponing the ride, and will try and get it set up for June 21st.
However, this doesn't mean we aren't going to try and get a ride in. All who are interested should meet in the park at 8:30 A.M. We'll be heading out on the east side of the river with Fred Steinberg as our guide. We did some of this route last week, and it was a beauty, with a nice helping of climbing. As well, there are bailouts galore, so we may get wet, but at least we'll be able to get out of it without having to suffer for hours.
Let's make the most of the conditions we have to work with.

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)

Sorry for the late noltice.
It looks like rain within an hour or two. Not worth heading out.

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