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As of now, Sunday's All-Class ride is a go. The latest forecast is for partly cloudy skies and a 20% chance of rain for Sunday morning at 9:00. The roads may be wet but not the sky. If the chance of rain on Sunday increases significantly by Saturday afternoon, we will have to cancel the ride due to our arrangements with the free lunch caterers. Check here or on our home page Saturday night for an update.

- Tom

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David Hallerman (not verified)

So, do we stay up late and watch videos because the all-class ride is cancelled?

Or do we get our rest to leave early tomorrow?

(Weather forecasts do say rain-rain-will-go-away.)

David, who needs a good long ride soon

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)
Let's all ride on Sunday

All systems, GO. The All Class Ride will take place as scheduled. The caterer is busy preparing food.

Show up at the boathouse, Sunday morning, 9:00AM, ready to ride.

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