Traffic (Light) free rides around Riverdale (the Bronx)?

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I just moved to Riverdale in the Bronx from the Upper West Side, right off the Kappock St. exit on the Hudson Parkway (Kappock and Johnson). I'm going through withdrawal from being able to do laps around Central Park and the bike path along the river. It is a nice 10 min ride to Wave Hill, but after that, nothing. Does anyone know routes in the Bronx (up into Yonkers and Westchester?) that one can avoid all the city streets, lights, traffic, potholes? is it permitted to go over the Henry Hudson Bridge to get to the GW Bridge, or do you have to take the Broadway bridge? Is there an easy route to the GW Bridge? Thanks.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

HHB information can be found here -

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mike pidel (not verified)

if you head north past wave hill you can stay on that road until you hit the 4 corners in dobbs ferry, bear left at that intersection(stop and shop store) and you can stay on that road (broadway) for a long , long time.
however there are plenty of traffic lights in sections pot holes and traffic at times! the good news is you could probably keep going and take a train back to riverdale when you get tired, during rush hour traffic the broadway approach to the tappan zee bridge can be quite ugly. another option is take the train north for about 30 minutes to get out of the congested areas and start in tarrytown or scarborough where you could pick up some routes that go towards somers and the reservoirs, ride back to riverdale when the traffic and conjestion is less . its a easy ride into central park from riverdale, except for the grate on the brdway bridge. , i ride down from yonkers a couple times a week, i always take the metronorth home

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mike pidel (not verified)
route north

i needed a change from the congested ride into central park and headed north this week, about 1 mile north of downtown yonkers the traffic signals become scarce and broadway is a welcome pleasure. you can take route 448 in sleepy hollow and make some nice long loops around the reservoirs using the north county trailand and rt 100 , rt 133 as links, i think the kensico damn ride this weekend used a couple of these roads

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