Can someone give me the final answer to riding on side walks

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"OK I rode for about 1/2 of a block to roll up to the deli. I have never gone fast on the sidewalk and even the cop admited that I was going at the pedestians pace.

I thought you could do that. He said ""no you can't roll on the sidewalk at all"".

So now I got a nice fat ticket!"

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I like to roll (not verified)
the Answer is– NO, don't get caught!

How much was the fine?

Was the cop on foot? can you speed away into traffic? Can they shoot you in the back?

Has anybody ever seen the Food Delivery Brigade get a summons?

Is standing on the peddle on one side and pushing with other foot on the same side legal?

What about age? How young do you have to be to ride on the sidewalks?

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Officer Krumpke (not verified)
It's illegal. That's why you got a ticket. Duh!

You can't ride on the sidewalk.

Not even slowly, on an Orbea.

Cops are writing tickets for bad grammar these days - if you see a cop, don't do anything there's a statute against, no matter how trivial.

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Five "O" (not verified)
Officer Krumpke is right....

There is an APB on grammatically incorrect cyclists. Especially those cyclists who rides the sidewalk w/ an Orbea.

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hamburger Earmuffs (not verified)
the last cop that tried to ticket me for

riding on the sidewalk got a nice fat Kryptonite New York Chain-lock sandwich. Maybe now, while he's lying on his plastic surgeon's opporating table, he'll think twice before trying to ticket me while I'm breaking the law on my bicycle.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Get value for money!

If you're going to get a ticket for riding on the sidewalk, why not get value for money and make sure you've just gone through a red light riding the wrog way up a one way street while wearing a pair of headphones, listening to Mahler at full volume, and attempting to type a text message on your cell phone at the same time. Better still, why not try and run the cop over too.

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Chris T. (not verified)
..and sucking liquid from your camelback ..

will get you FULL value, AP.

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