Wanted: stock seat from lemond bike or other used strada saddle

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  • Wanted: stock seat from lemond bike or other used strada saddle
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Trek puts a pleather and cromo version of the Selle San Marco Strada saddle on thier Lemond bikes but I can’t find one for sale aftermarket anywhere. I see a few leather/ti stradas, and maybe a leather cromo, but I’m trying to be cheap here.

I can pay cash or barter ( Julie furtado race day bontrager gel nose thingy saddle, another ergonomically special Specialized aftermarket saddle, other bike parts).

Please help me, this is the only saddle my bum likes.
Thanks, Ellen

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
try a bike shop

I'd try a bike shop that sells Lemonds as its quite common for a customer to replace a stock saddle with one of their own selection. The shop I patronize, Gotham has a big box full of such dust collecting saddles they sell for like $5 each. (Last time I set foot in there, they did not sell Lemond or Treks).

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Find a Trek dealer
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Lee Ann (not verified)

Ellen, when I got my Lemond bike at The Peddle Pusher Bike Shop, 1386 Second Ave., 212-288-5592, I got rid of the seat that came with it fast. It didn't even look comfortable. They might have some there for you. Roger or Evan can help. Good luck.

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Rick Braun (not verified)
bike saddle

I believe that I may have the saddle that you want on my (about 6 year)old Lemond, which is attached to my trainer. If you are still interested, feel free to contact me.

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