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Hope someone can save me from the ordeal of trying to get these answers from NJT.

I want to go to Ridgewood via public transport with my bike.
I'm in Manhattan, so is my best option to take the Path to Hoboken and then catch the train to Ridgewood?

Can i take my bike on the Path and the train?


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"Using the PATH train and NJ transit on the weekend should be ok. I frequently use the PATH for bike transport. Be sure to bring some pocket change for the $1.50 fare as there is no ticket clerk and you will be stuck with a bunch of dollar coins from the vending machine. Also, at Hoboken, look for the handicap exit as it is much easier than carrying your bike over the turnstiles. Likewise, look for such entrance at 33rd St, NYC.

I've ridden NJ transit for many years, but only brought my bike on once out of sheer desparation (Hank S's 'garbage bag' ride last year). I've rarely seen others bring their bikes on the train, but when I do it's always on the weekend. They do not have a very good reputation like Metro North when it comes to bikes. Since you are departing from Hoboken terminal and presumably on the weekend, I would speculate bringing your bike on board would not be such a problem as outbound trains tend to be empty.

PATH restrictions:
During the week disallows bike transport from 6am until 6:30pm with the exception of a short time window around noon where it is ok (like 10am-3pm or so). This is from my memory - check their website for precise details. There is no time restriction for weekends.

Bikes are not permitted within the 1st two cars (where the train conductor operates) and a limit of two bikes per car.

NJ Transit:
Folding bikes are allowed at any time. Otherwise one must have bungee/tie-down cords and are only permitted
in ""accessible"" train cars and during on off peak commuter traveling times. Basically it is up to the conductors discretion to let you on the train. Being nice-nice helps in that regard.

Hope this helps.


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