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I am looking for suggestions for a good route that starts in Manhattan and heads to Brooklyn. Ideally, I'd like to ride about 30-40 miles on a route that is suited for a group that includes at least one inexperienced rider. I was kind of assuming that heading to Prospect Park was the way to go, but am open to all ideas.

A million bonus points for routes that include suggestions for a relaxing lunch pitstop....(note that the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory will be added to the route!)

Thanks in advance.

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george (not verified)
mother borough route

You could do worse than setting off from Columbus Circle; over the Queensborough Bridge; down through Williamsburg and round behind the Navy Yard; hang a left at some point to head up to the park; around the park stopping for lunch at the Park Slope Chip Shop on 5th st & 6th avenue; down Union and back along Smith St to the Manhattan Bridge; over the bridge and back to wherever you need to be in Manhattan. Its about 30ish miles I think.

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JP (not verified)

Check your email for a cue sheet to Rockaway which can be shortened to just Brooklyn.

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