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Can anyone recommend a person or shop for a competent bike fit? I'm having some elbow and knee problems so I need someone who knows what they're doing. Any idea what this costs?

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JP (not verified)

Check your email,


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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Happy Freedman

I suggest you check out Happy Freedman. He gave a talk a few months ago to members of the club on bike fit and I think he's very good. He's Sirotta trained and certified and is the coach for the Columbia racing team. I will be asking him to do a fit for me soon. He is also a very nice guy, very friendly and very helpful. His email is: [email protected].

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basil (not verified)
Paul Levine - Serotta

"Paul gave a very interesting 1-hour talk on ""Bike Fit"" at the recent NY Bicycle Show (probably the same talk he's given to NYCC a couple of times?). Without any knowledge of the other names mentioned here, Paul appeared to be very knowledgeable on the subject in a very practical way. If my memory serves me well, he trains other ""bike-fitters"" and charges $175 if you go to him (near Woodbury Common Shopping Outlets) or $250 if he goes to you - for a 2.5 hour bike fit session (+ parts if necessary). He can fit you for your current ride or a new one.
Paul Levine - Signature Cycles - (845)928-3060 / (914)978-6933 (cell)"

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Terry Hildebrandt (not verified)

I had excellent results with Rick Prince,[he gave a lecture last fall @a club social]his # is[646]662-2442;his email is [email protected]

good luck!

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Susan (not verified)
bike fit

Dave Bell of Bicycle Workshop in Tenafly is really good. He was recommended to me by a few riders of the club for bike fit. P.S. I found that he is honest and also picks bikes up and drops them off in the city if you need work done.

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Dan T (not verified)

"Dr. David Berkoff is a bike fitter in CT. He's very knowleadgable about sports medicine which, I think, gives him a big edge on other ""bike fitters."" He's super nice and his fit studio is state of the art!
I'd post his telephone number but I'm not sure that's really the point of the message board. Email me if you would like more referrals.

I've also heard great things about Paul Levine.


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