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I'm told that certain changes are to be made with respect to the Road Dirt column, so I am withdrawing my complaint.

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Dustee's Lawyer (not verified)
An apolgy for .....WHAT ? (nm)
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Hamburger Earmuffs (not verified)
But the greatest crime of all ...

Wentorth Darcy Rhodes III isn't a butler. Oh the humanity!! How could an all-loving God allow this travesty of name-stereotypes to occur?

Please, Wentworth, for the sake of cartoon-reality drop whatever you are doing and take up your life's destiny in the Estate Servence Arts. It is your duty.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Bulletin ... June Road Dirt


First, you should know by now that being named ""Road Bozo of the month"" doesn't really mean anything. When I think of road bozo, I imagine something silly happening.

Second, when someone is labeled ""Road Bozo"" in the Road Dirt column, you cannot assume that Wentworth wrote those words. I, personally, have submitted copy for a Road Bozo (remember Don Montalvo getting lost?) and my words were printed exactly as I submitted them. I find that all my submissions are printed exactly as submitted.

Third, I didn't notice Wentworth posting a message to the forum - so, that leads me to believe the origin was from someone who is listed beneath your post.

Fourth, this is a quote I saw from Fred Steinberg: ""The only question is can they do the ride: support the group and not endanger anybody."" As a marshall for BNY, I was a little worried to read there could be a demonstration. As a marshall, we already risk injury because of the ""participants' riding style."" So, having a demonstration (although it's suppose to be peaceful) could result in the unexpected. You might think you're doing something peaceful but who knows how others will react. (That's just my opinion). I always hope that BNY day goes smooth and reading the intentions of a few was slightly worrisome.

I wouldn't use harsh words on Wentworth ... you never know who wrote them and I don't think it really matters. One day, I'm sure, my name will be there too.

As for the ""boldface type,"" you should blame me for that. Remember? I'm formatting the copy ... I try to boldface everyone's name who is mentioned in this section.

Sorry that you felt hurt by the words. As editor, I'll consider this in future articles. So, would you like to help out proofreading again?


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John Z (not verified)

Just when I thought the message board was getting boring...

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Don Montalvo (not verified)

" it too late for me to ask for an apology?

Sorry for the short post.

Don ""Previous Road Bozo"" Montalvo"

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