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I was talking with one of the locals in Sheffield on Monday morning who is in fact a road cyclist. She told me that she was stuck in a line of cars behind 3 cyclists riding abreast on Route 41 during the weekend.
This sort of behavior will not ingratiate us to drivers or their passengers. Some things we do for safety sake, others we do because of the golden rule.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Cycling Ettiquette


I know exactly what you felt when you heard that from the locals. The same occurs on the brevets. As I drive behind the cyclists, they seem to be in their own world. Yes, on our rides, we're mostly on country roads - barely any traffic BUT you'd think at least one of several cyclists would turn around or use the helmet mirror once in awhile for their own safety ... not mentioning ettiquette. I suspect these riders don't drive a vehicle.

I have been guilty of not hearing a car too ... but I know that a busy road means to move over and ride single file. It's dangerous enough for some riders who cannot keep a straight line ... single file!

Maybe we should start videoing riders? Timothy where are you with your video camera?


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RIDESAFE (not verified)
Country Etiquette AND Safety

I often ride in the country where there's very little traffic. I have to be as vigilant as when riding in NYC! On country roads many drivers are not expecting a cyclist, many of my country neighbors are permanent residents and know the backroads well so they often drive faster than one might expect them to, and on winding roads there are many blind curves for drivers... Sure it's nice to ride double file or in the middle of the road when out beyond suburbia but it's just not safe!

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