Tim's L.I. North Shore ride 5/31

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Meeting point is the Bank on the North Side of QNS BLVD. Take the subway to Continental Ave. to cut out the garbage miles of QNS BLVD. Ride starts and ends at Subway station on Continental Ave. (E, F, G, R, V)

Route is actually less than 60 mi. Mostly rolling hills with only 2 serious but short (1/4 mi) climbs.

If anyone is riding in from NYC I can meet you at QNS BLVD & 41st St. at 8:30AM. Call me that morning or leave a message before if you are riding in from NYC. 718-392-1963

If anyone is interested in making this a century ride I MIGHT be doubleing back and taking a slightly different route to make a 100+ day. The second loop is your option.

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Tim Casey (not verified)
Watch the weather

I'll post here if there is a cancellation due to rain.

It still looks 50/50. I'll decide by 7AM.

If it isn't raining at 9AM but might rain in the PM I might just make a shorter route to get back sooner. My answering machine will also have any updates. 718-392-1963


I might postpone it until Sunday, June 1. I'll leave a posting.

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Tim Casey (not verified)
Ride is ON as posted

According to Accuweather there will be rain startin at 2PM. We should be back at 71st/Continental before then.

Starting point is Ridgewood Savings Bank. Mileage is actually 56 miles.

See you there.


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