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"I sent the following message to [email protected], which is an address listed on your homepage, but I didn't get an answer, so I am posting it here:

Subj: Questions about club
Date: 5/17/03
To: [email protected]

I'm considering joining and have a few

Must I join to participate in club rides?

Is there a club uniform or dress code,
and if so, what is it?

How many rides does the club do per
week? How many during the workweek?

Do NYCC members pay the ""unattached
rider"" surcharge at races?

Andrew Sharaf"

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Carol (not verified)

You don't have to join to do club rides, although if you enjoy riding with us, we hope you'll join and support the club.

No uniform or dress code, but we strongly encourage wearing a helmet (and some ride leaders require it on their rides).

We typically list 4-6 rides (of different styles and speeds) every Saturday and Sunday. There are regular weekday training rides in Central & Prospect Parks plus a few weekday destination rides.

Don't know about races (NYCC is not a racing club).

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Charlie Ward (not verified)
additional thoughts..


Allow me to add some additional thoughts to Carol's posting:

1. It is quite common for riders new to the NYCC to participate in a few rides before joining the club. In fact, I recommend it. However, it is hard to imagine someone repeatedly enjoying the benefits of the club without financially supporting it by joining and paying the nomimal membership fee. Indeed, the very spirit of the club is to give as well as receive.

2. In the event that you did join the club, you would receive the paper monthly bulletin, and the electronic (email) weekly bulletin. There are more than half a dozen rides a week, many in the morning during the week. (Hey, who knows - you might end up leading a ride yourself eventually!)

3. If you are interested in racing, join the CRCA ( (Membership is an absolute prerequisite for racing in almost all CRCA races.) The NYCC is not a racing club or team; therefore, unless you joined a USCF-sanctioned club (like the CRCA) or team, you would be considered ""unattached"" for racing purposes. A number of NYCC members also race with the CRCA (e.g., the President of the NYCC). If you want further info about racing, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

- Charlie"

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Dustee Rhodes (not verified)

Your questions Are answered on the site to which you posted your question.

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Richard Edmonds (not verified)
Where are the scheduled event shown

I'm also interested in joining but would like to see the type of rides on offer before doing so.

However, unless I am mistaken, it does not seem possible to see the list of rides unless one joins and has access to the online list.

I'm in a catch-22 :)


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charlie ward (not verified)
No Catch-22

There's no Catch-22. On the NYCC's home page, on the right hand side of the page, is a large purple box listing a number of rides.

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