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for a christmas present, i got my boyfriend -- 40+ and never learned how to ride as a kid -- lessons with terry chin. it was a series of classes in riverside park. they rent bikes from a bike shop nearby and walk them over to the park, where they can practice.
he LOVED it. and he learned how to ride!
terry is a really nice guy, and is used to teaching adults.
he's based in brooklyn; might even be listed in directory assistance.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"Carol Wood wrote:

""Otherwise, they could join one of the slower paced rides with the NYCC, 5BBC, or other group, or just go to a park on a traffic free day and pedal around.""

I don't think someone who has never ridden a bike should be doing group rides!

The best way to learn is with a simple one-speed bike with wide tires. Lower the saddle and try coasting down a slight grade, concentrating on balance. Wearing long pants and long sleeves for protection is a good idea. Riding on a grass surface helps too.

Seldon Brown has a couple of good articles on this at:


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Lorraine (not verified)
Terry Chin taught me!

I took Terry Chin's classes, two years ago(at the age of 53) having never been on a bike in my life. I wasn't exactly his star pupil, but I was persistent and finally got it. And this year I did BIKE NY and completed it. He was the first person I called. I would highly recommend him. E-mail me if you would like his phone number.

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