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"I was jogging up the boathouse hill today, when a blue-and-orange bike caught my eye. The ""Orbea"" logo further drew my interest, recalling earlier messages on this board.

Cyclist was spinning wildly in his lowest gear, a triple, and wobbling. Wow, he made it look difficult. Was this a training tactic, or a sign of gear trouble? Was he exhausted from finishing a 24-hour brevet?

When he crested the hill, he heaved a sigh and started coasting.

He probably could have rented a Raleigh hybrid at the boathouse and saved a lot of money.

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John Z (not verified)

Beats me if this is some kind of training tactic. I would suggest using a 53 to build some power, then the triple would not be needed on such an innocuous hill. In addition, one generally works on cadence on a descent or on a flat in a smallish gear. Perhaps there was some shifting trouble...

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Runner Up (not verified)
Jogging? Jogging?

In a velour warm-up suit and Chuck Taylors, of course.

When you graduate to Running, call back.

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