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For those of you more seasoned cylists, sorry for the dumb question --
Is it possible to take shoes with cleats in carry-on baggage, or will airport security deem them fatal weapons? What about tools?
Thank you!

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Michael (not verified)
Airport security

Well road cleats are plastic, no problem. MTB cleats still probably not a problem but be prepared (have spares in your checked bag).

Tools, are you kidding... a screwdriver IS a weapon. A multi tool wouldn't be understood... a pedal wrench is a billy club... make life easy.. UPS your bike to a shop near your destination. The handling is much better than airlines (these guys are in the business of moving boxes in one piece), the price is about the same these days and the shop you send it to will reattach your parts for a small fee...

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Flying overseas

I would not recommend taking any kind of cycling shoes with cleats on as hand luggage; check them in. Even raod cleats that are plastic could, theoretically have something nasty hidden underneath them and the airline security, if it's doing its job properly, should either refuse to allow you to carry them onto the aircraft, or would make you take them apart.

If you are flying overseas, sending your bike by UPS is not an option.

If you are flying to UK or Europe, the major airlines don't charge for bikes, with the exception of United, which is strapped for cash. I've never had a problem with a bike on a plane. I've done it several times and boxed them, or put them in a robust bike bag. I've done several transatlantic flights with bikes. BA and Virgin are very good with bikes and don't charge. They just count it as one of two pieces of check in baggage if you are travelling economy/coach.

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)
Travelling with Cycling Gear

I always pack my cycling shoes, pedals, helmet and at least one outfit in my carry-on luggage. If something happens to the checked-in baggage, I can adapt more easily to a missing bike than the above mentioned. The events I travel to can be stressful .... preventing these items from being destroyed or missing is relief.

So far this year I have travelled through La Guardia, Miami, Gainesville, Chicago and San Antonio airports. Miami had the highest security .... everything gets opened ... including the carry-ons. All computer bags are opened and the computer must be removed for the check. Nothing was ever said about my shoes.

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