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"I ordered a jersey when I joined the club on April 14th. Still no sign of it. Active.com says it is an NYCC issue.

I sent a message to the membership link on the web site. I was told that my issue was being forwarded to ""Hans"". I haven't heard anything from him.

Does anyone know what I should do to resolve the issue?"

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Carol Wood (not verified)


I sent you an email with the address.

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CLAUDIA (not verified)

When I ordered the last club jersey around January I thought my check was lost in the mail! I tried to email the club and the person I sent the $$ to but never received a response. My jersey finally arrived after about 3 months. I love it, but it did take a LONG time! By the way, I DID NOT order through Active.com ...

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Tracy (not verified)
Still Waiting

I ordered a long sleeve club jersey thru active.com in early March! Active forwarded me to Tom Laskey who forwarded to Hans. I actually heard from Hans who had no record of the order, so active may not be too swift either.

I am sort of hoping I won't get it until fall so I don't have to amputate the sleeves if it arrives this summer.

BTW, when I ordered last year by sending a check to the club, it took a few weeks, but nothing like this.

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