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I'm trying to help out a friend with some Bike shop suggestions. I know many people like Conrad's, but he lives near Metro. If you've had especially good or bad experiences with either, please let me know. Is their a particular person at the shop who you like and would do a good job with the all important fit?


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Carol (not verified)

I've always had excellent fit and service at Sid's (34th St. west of 2nd Ave.), although on weekends when it's crowded you get less attention. Also have one of the best mechanics in town.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
Which Metro?

"I bought a bike at the Metro on Lex and 88th(?). I knew what I wanted, (didn't need to be fitted), they had a good price on the previous year's model and were willing to switch the chainrings like I wanted. I didn't need or seek service beyond that from them.

I also bought a bike from Conrad's. They are Bicycle Nirvana. If you need advise or custom service go to Conrad's. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not ""overpriced"", they carry quality stuff. When I've compared their prices to Nashbar and other catalog/online shops they were within a buck or two.

Conrad's is not near me at home, and I don't end up near them on the way to or from club rides unless I make a big detour, but they are my shop."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Yeah, which Metro?

They're not all the same. The one at Lex & 88th seems ok (never bought a bike there, only small stuff) but several of the others seem less than ok, if you know what I mean.

Like Bill, I bought a bike from Conrad's. The fit was perfect right from the start without kludges or fixes or jury-rigging (and when you make an appointment you get UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, a big part of what makes the process work and lotsa luck finding that anywhere else) and the mechanic knows what he is doing, period. Lotsa luck finding that anywhere else, too.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)

Where is Conrad's?

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Jon Adler (not verified)

Tudor City Place - between 41-42 St. and 1-2 Aves. (Easiest to go E from 2 Ave to TCP, it's there on the left, if memory serves)

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Lee Ann (not verified)

Conrad's Bike Shop
25 Tudor City Place
212 - 697-6966

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