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Any of you mathematically-inclined climbers ever calculated the grade of that short, steep section up 5th Avenue in Nyack? I was wondering how it compared to today's stage of the Giro.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
5th Avenue, Nyack

The steepest section of 0.11 mile rises 100' giving it a grade of 17.2% I think someone mentioned that the Zolcolan averages 9% for an ascent of just under 6000' but the top is in the low 20s with a stretch of 27%. Little Tor has a grade of just about 10% but it rises only 420' in 0.8 mile.

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John Z (not verified)

Per cyclingcols.com, Monte Zoncolan, as climbed yesterday from the east, averages 8.9% over its 8.4 mile length. The last 1.9 miles averages just over 12.5%, with some very steep sections as noted by Hank. Total vertical gain is about 3950 vertical feet. Tough, but there are worse climbs. Simoni did it in 42 minutes or so; some are postulating Marco Pantani in his prime might have shaved 2 minutes off that.

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