Montauk Century

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I missed this one but would like to do the ride sometime early summer. If anyone has the turn sheet on their computer, I would be forever grateful having a copy emailed to me.

Many thanks,

Bob Mirell

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stuart hirschtritt (not verified)
montauk century

I have this years q sheet from Penn Station. I can fax it to you.
There are arrows placed in the road and once over the Brooklyn bridge I did not look at the sheet again.

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Harvey Minsky (not verified)

Hi Bob,

I probably have last years 140 mile ride from the city. From what I understand it is the same ride. You can start anywhere on the South Shore. The first 60 miles are ugly. It gets interesting further out. I will check my qsheets. Do you have a fax machine where I can send the qsheet?


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