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I thought I posted this but I guess it didn't get through:

Nina Strika has been leading women rides again in Central Park. Check out the CRCA website for upcoming rides. I believe they are meeting at 7 p.m. - possibly from Cat's Paw Hill - top.

Keep checking www.crca.net for posts or email me privately, as I plan to attend.

diane goodwin
[email protected]

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claire chico (not verified)
womans ride

when is the womans ride in central park?
7pm is that on tues's ???
where is cats claw hill, I could ask in the park but i would rather know where to go b/4 i get there


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Carol (not verified)

"Our ""Out of Bounds"" listings show this ride as Wednesday evenings at 7:00 from Tavern on the Green. Never been on one, so don't know if that's correct.

Cat's Paw hill is the one that goes up just past the Boathouse on the East drive (north of 72nd St.). Look to the left as you climb it and you'll see a scupture of a mountain lion on top of a rock at the edge of the trees."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
still hunt
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Frances Harrison (not verified)
Century Road Club coaching clinics for women

Hi everyone,

Just want to make sure everyone is aware of the distinction between the rides that Nina Strika organized during the winter on Wednesday evenings, and the coaching clinics she is conducting on various Monday evenings throughout the spring and summer.

The Wednesday ride was an informal get together, and allcomers were welcome. The Monday coaching clinics are organized by the Century Road Club and are available for CRCA members only.

This is not designed to be exclusionary (is that a real word?), or a ploy to increase the CRCA's membership. Rather it is a reflection of the insurance realities we live in. Our insurance coverage only extends to coaching sessions attended by CRCA members only.

However, even if you are not necessarily interested in racing but are perhaps looking to improve your bike handling skills, efficiency and speed on the bike, I really would encourage you to join the CRCA. We offer a variety of coaching sessions conducted by expert coaches, free to out members.

Membership applications and more information about CRCA can be found at:


In addition, please save the date on June 14. We are holding our annual Women's Bike racing clinic, where you will have to opportunity to take part in a simulated race and receive on the bike instruction at the same time. You do not have to be a CRCA member to partipate in this. More information is at:


If you have any questions on the CRCA, women's racing, coaching, the clinic, etc, please feel free to contact me directly at:
[email protected]. I don't check this message board very often.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun spring and summer of riding!

Frances Harrison

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Kimberly (not verified)
women's ride

The ladies meet at Tavern on the Green on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm

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Diane Goodwin (not verified)

... is the day of Nina's rides.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: Nina orginally started the Wednesday evening rides. Has anyone been meeting on that day, time and place? I didin't think anyone was .... because it was Nina as the leader. When I asked her about Wednesday evenings, she said she hadn't been meeting there. Also, the Wed. rides were for the winter time. I saw it posted on the web here but never asked who the leader was.


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