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The C-SIG has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I will miss our weekly ride. We had what must have been 50 riders on our graduation ride and group 3 routinely had 17 - 21 on any given weekend. So thanks to the C-SIG leaders, Paul, Jim, Gary and Patricia (hope I got everyone) for the quality miles and a great intro to the season. And thanks also to the co-leaders of whom I only know a few by name, Elliot, Julie and Kevin. Thanks, guys!

Steve C

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Marc H (not verified)

I'm sure all of us would like to thank Paul, Gary, Patricia & Jim plus Julie, Eliot & Kevin and all the other co-leaders for shepherding us through the C-sig. They did a terrific job, especially when mapping routes and pacing rides to fit the disparate riding styles and goals of such a big group of people who are getting their introduction to club riding. But the pressure isn't off yet: where are we going on our re-union ride?!

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Rebecca Poole (not verified)
More thanks

Thanks to Patricia, Gary, Jim & Paul for all of their time and effort. Thanks too to Debbie & Chris, our fabulous and extremely patient co-leaders. To think that 10 weeks ago I was scared of cycling to the Park...

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lisa fishman (not verified)
Group Thanks

Our leaders definitely deserve the many thanks but the entire C-sig group also deserves a round of thanks for being such a friendly, supportive and cohesive group of riders. Thank you all for helping with the traffic ticket.
I checked w DMV- it should not be any points on my license but given that the cop did not clarify this on the violation code or traffic violation description I am going to pay it in person to make sure that it gets recorded as 'only' a biking offense. My luck, I would otherwise still get points.

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