A 19 Sig Grads

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Was a wonderful experience riding with a great bunch of people, who became much better bike riders, even though the weather gods were not co-operating. I want to thank you all for allowing us to work with you. It not only was a good experience for you, it also was something we looked forward to every week.

So congratulations to one and all on a good job - well done!!

Thanks, Tim

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Seamus Dwyer (not verified)
Riders and Leaders

"To my fellow riders and the leaders of the A19 SIG.

Thank you very much for making my first SIG, a memory I will bring to the grave. The leaders gave us our wings and the confidence to use them.
12 weeks ago I was afraid to ride 5 miles into the city for the first ride, that my friend drove me to the school.
My fellow rides showed their true colors, Trust in each other and desire to reach their potential.
To finish on a quote that sums up this SIG

""Man is so made, that whatever fires his soul, impossibilities vanish"" La Fontaine

Thank you and all the best - Seamus"

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
A heartfelt thank you

A big word of thanks to all our tireless leaders for everything they have done for us over the last 12 weeks, and to my fellow Siglets. I'm looking forward to next weekend in the Berkshires and to leading my first A ride on 28th June. There will probably be an apple pie and/or treacle tart involved.

For those worried about what you are going to do on Saturdays, John Z is planning on doing hill repeats of Bear mountain every other Saturday. He started this Saturday. The idea is to get the 9:53 train from GCT to Garrison or Cold Spring, ride to Bear Mountain, do three hill repeats, then ride back to the city. Check the message board.

See you in the Berkshires.

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charlie ward (not verified)

To all A-19 SIG grads -

You were an impressive bunch. Glad to hear from many of you what the leaders had hoped to hear: that the SIG was a life-changing event. It was for me. (Sorry I couldnt be there for your graduation ride!)

- Charlie

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Jim (not verified)
Who had the best sig this year?


Who had the best sig this year?

We did!!!

Congratulations and good luck to all! Click on photo to enlarge. More photos to come.


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Richard Embry (not verified)
Congratualtions and thanks

Siglets and leaders,
Congratulations on completing the 2003 A-19 SIG program! Bear Mountain is beautiful eh? Sorry I couldn't join you on Sunday, but family obligations were paramount that day. It was a pleasure to ride with you all and special thanks to Ed and Jim for their leadership.


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maria quiroga (not verified)

Congrats to all of the riders! Everyone made leading the rides worth getting up for on those cold mornings. You guys never ceased to amaze me! I look forward to the rides you guys will be leading this summer.


ps. Seamus...I remember that first ride, you were in my group....incredible to see how far you have come.

and Gloria...see...Bear Mt. wasn't so bad..

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Keith (not verified)

Sorry I couldn't be there on Sunday to celebrate and see you all through. You all were great ! See you at the club dinner!

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AA (not verified)


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Catherine Gibbons (not verified)
Grins and thanks to leaders and riders

Leaders -Thank you, thank you, for helping us overcome
our fears, increase our strength and skills and for all
your support.Also for the lost hours of sleep and the parties left early. Each of your efforts made it a memorable series. To everyone, thanks for the giggles
the pulls, the comradery and shared power bars. I hope to see you often over the summer.

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Joe Irizarry (not verified)
Congrats to all the Siggies

Congratulations to all you siggies. You are now full fledged A riders. We can't call you siglets anymore. I'm sure some of you will be happy about that. I'm glad you all had fun, made some new friends, and are willing to contribute your time to lead some rides too.
I would be very proud to follow your wheels on any A ride. You guys are so strong now I would have no choice but to follow.

See you on the road.

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