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A Classic Sig Grad cue sheet found on Perkins yesterday along with a black paper clamp attached to its bottom. Will the sig leaders please correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have to hand in your graduation ride cue sheets in order to get your diploma? I would think that it is worth at least $25....did I say million? I meant billion.

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Melissa Bybee (not verified)
Thanks for picking up...

my cue sheet and black clip!!!! I noticed they were gone before we hit Seven Lakes Drive on the return trip home. I thought they'd fallen off while David and Kelleigh were helping each other boot the tire and change the tube of my front wheel (did I thank you guys for doing that? geeze, if I didn't, I certainly meant to!) after it EXPLODED while I was off wandering around in the Green Room across the street looking for a (never mind)...waiting for my fellow SIGlets to finish descending Perkins. (OK Kelleigh, I admit, my post-ride award was apropos! hee hee ;)) Considering the speeds we were riding on the return trip home, I feel SO LUCKY the tube exploded while I was OFF the bike!!!!

Anyway, hmmmm, Hank, please keep the cue sheet. We didn't follow it on the return trip anyway. Besides, it'll be a while before I can pay you the finder's fee. I took the bike to Toga yesterday for surgery so now I'm BROKE!!!! (Better broke than broken!)

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Well Melissa, Your cue sheet made it back to NYC on 2 wheels. I did your graduation ride 5 years ago with Frank. David and Christy were our leaders back then. Mary Anne and Kelleigh were still in diapers...and Timothy was in training wheels....

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