Bear Mountain Repeats Saturday.

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9:53 train to Cold Spring. Warm-up pace to the base of Bear Mountain at 9W/Seven Lakes intersection. 3 repeats. Brief stop in Stony Point, brisk pace back to GWB, non-stop, route TBD by concensus.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Hail Zenkus!

A fabulous day with good company and a simple mandate: climb Bear Mountain three times.

Oh yeah, John, Hank, and Peter rode back to the city too, as you might expect. But for me and Anthony, there was the train at Garrison. Thirty-three hundred feet in 44 miles. Not an epic day, but enough.

Man was it pretty up there. But we did this same ride last year in a drizzle, and it didn't much matter. (The parks department even closes Perkins to cars on such days--so much the better.)

We saw the A Classics on the first ascent. They must have made good time to get there by noon or whatever time it was.

Those disappointed by the cancelled A-19 should have joined us! (Note that if I'm along, there's always a rearguard contingent.)

Thanks John-John!

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Many thanks

Many thanks to John for taking the initiative on this one. I'm glad to have made my first ascents of Bear Mountain ahead of tomorrow and I now know where to look out for the gravel on the descent. It certainly was glorious atop the Bear, and just about clear enough to make out the skyline of midtown Manhattan. Sorry I didn't join you for the return leg, but I wanted to save my legs for tomorrow.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
vertical for the ride

Carol, From Garrison back to Garrison with 3 hill repeats of Bear Mtn from 9W is 4600'. Each repeat is 1300'. The Polar S710 monitor records every 5' of ascent. It all adds up; driving up sales of Advil...

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John Z (not verified)
Awesome Day

To all;

Thanks Hank, Peter, Carol and Anthony (plus the guy from Hoboken) for helping make this a great day of training, which is what it really was, no matter what option you chose! This kind of day, especially when combined with a fast, hilly ride back really gets the climbing legs going. My only complaint was that it was more than a bit too cold for me.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Gang of five

Many thanks John for putting this ride together. Yourself, Hank, Carol and Anthony (finally matching a face w/ email correspondence) were great company on a day that turned out to be a fine Spring day. The views from the top were awesome.

After learning what a #@!$ of a climb it is 1st time up and wondering when the last twisting turn to see the top is, it was quite a pleasant distraction to see the A SIG group coming back down the mountain. Now humbled, the 2nd & 3rd time around were much better.

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