Susan Kennedy

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A speedy recovery to Sue Kennedy !!

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Charles (not verified)
what's happened?

What's happened to my beloved Susan?

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JP (not verified)
Oh no!

Yes, a speedy recovery. But what happened?


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Keith (not verified)
Susan (nm)

Susan spun out on some gravel negotiating a right hand curve coming down Old Post Road. She fell hard suffering a concussion. Rob Kohn flipped over Susan, as she fell directly in front of him, suffering numerous cuts and bruises.

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Keith (not verified)
Rob Kohn

No Rob, I didn't forget about you! I hope you heal fast as well!!!

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Ron Kahn (not verified)

Did I miss what happened to Rob?

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Speedy recovery to both

"I wish Susan and Rob speedy recoveries. I didn't hear the extent of Rob's injuries, though.

A nurse in the Accident and Emergency Department of London's University College Hospital, once said to me, after I'd been carted in with a broken rib after failing to navigate a pothole, ""Cyclists are soft and cuddly and roads are *&%$£""g hard."" She was right."

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banana guy (not verified)
quick return to both - Seconded! (nm)
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Susan Kennedy (not verified)
Thank You!

A very heartfelt thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, offered help, posted here, or just generally had me in their thoughts for a speedy recovery. It means a lot and I truly appreciate it.

The Vogue cover shoot is on hold, and my career as a leg model is in serious jeopardy, but I am home and on the mend, with a concussion and some serious road rash, but no broken bones.

I look forward to seeing you all on the road again before too long. (But not too soon either, Dr. Ed)

Thanks again.


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Bob Mirell (not verified)
Susan and Rob

I was so sorry to hear that you were both hurt. Two of my favorite people.

Hope you're both back on the road quickly.

Bob Mirell

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maria quiroga (not verified)


Glad that you are feeling better. I have tried to email you, but it bounced. Hope you are back on the bike soon!

Best wishes


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